Undoubtedly, music has an influence on a person’s success due to the skills it deals with. Music sharpens many qualities such as collaboration, creativity, discipline, ability to listen, a way of thinking that weaves together disparate ideas. It helps you to take pleasure in listening. Music gives the power to focus on the present and the future simultaneously.


Music is a complete word within itself. Music is a constant companion for many of us as it accompanies us through difficult times, alleviate our worries and bring us joy and motivation. The basic idea behind writing this article is to deliberate the part of music in the success of a person, whether the involvement of music in one’s life can be related to its success or not and if it is related to success then what are the facts behind this. Music functions as a secret language and enhances the ability to associate contrasting or even conflicting ideas.

Influence of music in life

Music will influence your life in the following ways:

  • Music enhances the ability to bring together conflicting ideas.
  • It strengthens your confidence in the aptitude to create.
  • Music helps you to think differently, from a unique perspective.
  • It opens up the paths to creative thinking.
  • Music unlocks intelligence, creativity, and self-expression.
  • Music deals with a creative edge that helps the individual contribution to think differently and independently.

The great people who were Musicians

There are countless examples of successful persons who played an instrument in the past or still do besides pursuing their career.Some of them are Paul Allen who started playing the violin at age seven  and later on  switched to the guitar as a teenager,


Stephen Spielberg is a son of a pianist and is a clarinetist, Woody Allen performs weekly with a jazz band, James D. Wolfensohn, former World Bank president has played cello at Carnegie Hall. He occasionally joins in with musical performances on a borrowed cello while traveling across the world with the perspective to better understand the culture of people, as distinct from their balance sheet.

The venture capitalist Roger McNamee and both Microsoft’s Mr.Allen have rock bands.Co-founder of Google, Larry Page has played saxophone in high school. NBC chief White House columnist Chuck Todd (French horn) and Paula Zahn, the television broadcaster attended college by music scholarships; NBC’s Andrea Mitchell trained to become a professional violinist.These individuals endorse a part of their success to their involvement in music.

Music and success

Music plays a  significant role in the success of a person as it helps to develop a work ethic. Music gives the lesson of discipline and focus. To get a particular piece of music, a musician try, again and again, playing that particular solo one more time, working on that specific little section one more time that teaches the lesson of consistency and hard work in other fields of life.

Many known and successful people said that their professional achievements and success is related directly to their music backgrounds. Music teaches us that eventually if you work hard enough, it will get better and you will achieve your desired results.

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